Many thanks for all the love and support you’ve given us in 2014!

We can hardly believe that 2014 is just about over. It’s been an amazing year here in the Fit Living Foodies kitchen and it’s so fun to look back over the last 12 months and see all we’ve done. Our favorite part of looking back on recipes we’ve made and posts we’ve shared is the people we’ve helped along their Carb Nite journeys. What started as a simple cookbook to help fellow low carb-ers eat well and achieve the results they wanted, turned into so much more. We’ve had a blast Transforming Recipes for you all and hope to bring even more tasty dishes to your table in 2015. Until then, we’re here to celebrate you and all the love and support you’ve given us this past year! To celebrate the only way we know how, we’re bringing you a handful of ultra low carb New Year’s Eve appetizers and even a few adult beverages! The appetizers were so much fun to experiment with and even harder not to gobble up before we could snap pictures of everything! We’re really curious to see which ones you like best.

Queso-rizo Mushroom Dip

The first appetizer on the table is the Queso-rizo Mushroom Dip with Chicharrones. It’s the perfect balance of cheesiness and spiciness from the chorizo. Throw a pork rind in there and we have a winner! It also makes great left over cheesiness that be thrown into a post-New Years omelette or scramble. Ultra-Low Carb Queso Chorizo Mushroom Dip Recipe

Shrimp Salad Stuffed Cucumber Cups

Next up on our table is the Shrimp Salad Stuffed Cucumber Cups. These cute cups were inspired by an appetizer I had at a summertime party earlier this year. These are perfect for any occasion and really easy to throw together. The best part is that you can make them ahead of time and then assembling them is easy. Ultra-Low Carb Shrimp Salad Cups Recipe

The BLT Redesigned

The BLT Redesigned is probably my favorite.  I could easily eat the entire platter of these little bites and not feel one ounce of guilt! Well, except for no one else being able to try them. And since we are making these for other people I guess I can share. Way to twist my arm! The crispy edges of the pork belly and basil leaves are my favorite part. Ultra-Low Carb BLT Appetizer Recipe

Now all you need is a New Year’s cocktail and you’re good to go!

La Menta Hot Chocolate

The La Menta (Mint) Hot Chocolate is my favorite hot cocktail and it’s sure to warm up any cold winter night. If you have kiddos in the house you can easily make this sweet treat kid-friendly by simply omitting the booze. Sugar Free Tequila Mint Hot Chocolate Recipe


You can’t go wrong with a little bubbly to ring in the New Year and we have a perfect mock-tail for those of you who don’t like or can’t drink alcohol. So we bring you the “Sham”pagne! This tasty concoction is courtesy of Mary. It really tastes like the real thing too! I kept asking if she was sure there was no booze in it because it tasted so real! Non-Alcoholic Sugar-Free Champagne

With so much to celebrate in the past year and so many exciting projects coming in 2015 we’d like to take this moment and thank you! We wouldn’t have as much of a reason to celebrate if it weren’t for the constant love and support from the readers and followers. Thank you for trying our recipes (and liking them!) and for spreading the word on low carb living and eating well!  

Happy New Year’s to you all and thank you!!!!

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