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Brazilian Workout Leggings and Capris You’ll Flip For

BBrazil Workout Leggings and Capris Sale

In honor of the 2016 Olympics, the fact that the games are being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and my love for gymnastics, I’m sharing a new find that I can’t get enough of – workout leggings and capris by BBrazil Sportswear!

Let me start by saying that not all workout leggings are created equal.

And being an avid gym-goer I’ve tried almost every workout legging and capri imaginable and I do NOT impress easily. In fact, the dresser full of workout bottoms and yoga pants that I’ve accumulated over the years has gotten out of hand and they’re organized based off the activity that I can comfortably do while wearing them. There’s even a drawer of “do-not-wear-while-working-out” pants, which literally makes no sense now that I say it out loud! But for some reason I hold onto them, just in case.

Am I the only one that does that?

There’s several factors, or tests, that I put leggings and capris through to determine which activity I can comfortably do in them, how long they can last, not only in the workout of choice, but after washing them a gazillion times. Let’s just say that most pants don’t pass all the tests. I even have a pair of Lululemon’s that I love, but refuse to wear because I don’t want to ruin them, they were expensive AF and they no longer make that style. How silly is that?

BBrazil Workout Leggings and Capris Sale

So when I opened the cute package from BBrazil, saw the fun colors, textures and crazy soft fabrics, I actually got really excited to try them on – which then literally sealed the deal. I went through all the standard stretchy pants testing to ensure they were worth wearing to the gym: I squatted, bent over to see if they were see-through, kicked up into a handstand, ran through two rounds of sun salutation and a few basic stretches. Sold! Every pair passed all tests. Even after a super-hot and sweaty yoga class, while wearing one of the thinner fabric pairs, no sweat marks! Seriously…NO SWEAT MARKS. That’s like unheard of.

The first 3 pairs turned into 3 more, and then 2 more and now I scope out the site to see when new ones will arrive. I think I have a problem lol.

And the cherry on top, at least for me, is knowing what this company went through and still goes through to ensure the best quality and craftsmanship possible. Everything is manufactured in Brazil the owners spent months down there personally selecting fabrics and designs of the highest quality. I for one appreciate when companies do their due diligence before throwing yet another random product into the market. Plus, there’s something about Brazilian workout leggings that are generally just better than others out there…maybe it’s cause they know how to make booty’s look good!

I don’t boast about products often, so when I do, you can believe I mean it. These deserve a gold medal! Check them out and try and pair for yourself!

BBrazil Workout Leggings and Capris Sale
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