In this episode of HER Body™, Alex is joined by movement and lifestyle coach, Alyssa Chang.

She explains that after years of working on fixing her metabolism she began to focus on a more realistic and sustainable approach to diet and exercise. Movement and more specifically moving well, became a priority not only in her life, but in her coaching practices.

They also discuss their similar pasts through competing at extreme levels and how their priority shifts have effected their coaching approach.

Alex and Alyssa discuss how they both are in this to not only be of service to those who need it, but to also be an advocate to sustainable training and eating approaches for the everyday person.

Alyssa’s passion for competing led her to train for four figure competitions in 2010. Through this journey of physical change, Alyssa was exposed to the repercussions of extreme dieting and training. Her journey through metabolic issues has driven her to educate women about these dangers and the effect it can have on the female body.

To learn more about Alyssa’s work, click the following links:

1. Instagram
2. Alyssa’s website
3. Facebook Page

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