I recently shared my Cheesy Jalapeño Biscuit recipe on one of our local TV shows and once again, it proved to be a hit! And since the Cheesy Jalapeño Biscuits are a fan-favorite, it made perfect sense to share a few delicious variations with you. Now I’m not going to lie…we had to experiment with a lot of techniques, toppings, fillings and were forced to eat several yummy meals to get them just right! It’s a terrible job, but someone had to do it!

If you don’t have our Cheesy Jalapeño Biscuit recipe, you can get it in our FREE Recipe Sampler below along with 5 more Ultra Low-Carb recipes:

Sliders and Breakfast Sandwiches

– Make the biscuits in a muffin tin and then slice them in half. Fill them with any meat, egg or cheese combination of your liking.

Biscuits and Gravy

– Top the biscuits with a homemade or store bought gravy (just make sure it’s low carb) or even the Creamy Alfredo Sauce from the Transforming Recipes cookbook. You can add crumbled sausage in the gravy or just have a side of it if that’s easier.

Sloppy Joe’s

– Brown either grass-fed beef or ground turkey and add any seasoning you choose or you can use the Marinara Sauce from the Transforming Recipes cookbook. Sandwich it between two small biscuits!

Pizza Crust

– You can make a personal pizza or prepare a family style meal by rolling out the biscuit dough on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Then top your pizza with all your favorite fixings!

Stuffed Biscuits

– Press dough into lightly sprayed muffin pan and create a cup. Stuff with ham and cheese, beanless chili, or anything your taste buds desire, ultra low-carb of course. Have fun with it and unleash your food creativity!

We’d love to know which one is your favorite. And if you have your own homemade creation don’t keep it to yourself! Please share it in the comments below. Are you on Pinterest or Instagram? Use #TransformingRecipes and we’ll share it!

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