When I came to Alex for coaching last summer, I was a metabolic train wreck. Seriously. I had run myself into the ground dieting and training for my first NPC competition. And on top of that, I was in denial about my myriad of health problems. I was hell-bent on competing on the National stage immediately, regardless of my health issues. A few weeks into our competition programming, I was coming apart at the seams. With my health and my life unraveling, Alex helped me see the light and shift my focus away from aesthetics and back toward getting my health under control.

Alex is the complete package in a Health Coach. She is level headed and calm (something I need as a super high-strung person) while amazingly constructive, motivating and inspiring. Her focus is always on the big picture of HEALTH. She thoroughly evaluates her clients to determine what they need most, and creates a realistic, functional plan around that. Her integrative coaching method is what makes her outstanding: she coaches around mindset, nutrition and training. That triple threat approach makes big life changes stick. She has encouraged me to reevaluate my goals in order to appropriately prioritize health. She keeps me honest when I to lie to myself about what’s working and what isn’t. She keeps me sane when negative self-talk seems all consuming. And most importantly, she keeps me healthy, so I can continue to live my life and enjoy every moment!

After 6 months of coaching with Alex, I’m almost ready to step on stage again. She has taught me to be patient with progress, how to listen to and learn from my body, and how to be proactive (as opposed to reactive) about managing my health. She has fused my health and aesthetic goals into one holistic training plan.

Whatever your goals, if you need a coach, Alex is your girl! If you want to see what she’s about before you start a program, check out her podcasts on the BodyIO FM channel. Look for the HERBODY podcasts. You’ll hear first hand just how knowledgeable and experienced she is

LOVE LOVE LOVE this coach!