During my pregnancy, it became a ritual for me to eat a pint of (organic) mint chocolate chip ice cream…. every night. To my surprise, I put on nearly half my weight! How’d that happen? I realized post pregnancy that eating whatever the hell I wanted “because I’m pregnant” was probably not a good idea.

About three months postpartum, I began working with Alex to restore my body to (hopefully) looking good again. I remember those first few sessions where doing one crunch was impossible and I remember thinking, I barely feel sore -just a little here and there…. does Alex know what she is doing?

Well, let me tell you how big of a mistake that thought process was. For the first time, I didn’t have a trainer that wanted to kick my butt and make me unable to walk the next day. No, Alex, instead, is 1000 times better than that. She is so good at what she does that you don’t really feel your butt being kicked, but it so is.

Within a month, sometimes a week, I noticed my waistline dropping. I have no idea what she does and how she does it, but I HAVE NEVER LOOKED BETTER! I feel strong, I have those cool ab lines, don’t even ask about my behind -it has never ever looked this good. As a thank you to Alex, I plan on tattooing “Alex Fitness” on my behind. JK, I will not do that, but I will continue to see her for (hopefully) ever.

Another perk is how professional, but charismatic Alex is -it is always such a pleasure to see her. She answers all my nutrition and fitness questions and is so knowledgeable aside from being a superstar trainer!