I had such a wonderful experience. Alex was knowledgeable, positive and very thorough! She was always checking in, was very in tune with me and my journey to fitness. She was a reality check when I needed it and my firm supporter when I was struggling. Her guidance allowed me to place first in my class and overall in what had been only my second NPC show. She also coached me into my first national show where I placed in the top 10 in my class.

I look forward to working with her again in the new year for my next season. Alex has the tools, experience and patience required for the makings of a great coach. She is one of the few coaches I know in this sport who continue to keep long term clients because she is THAT GOOD. I really can’t say enough. I worked with her via email/phone coaching but her approach felt completely hands on.

So my training program was AMAZING… Every month I looked forward to her new program for me and was so stoked on how she kept things fresh and challenging. I am a mom and have a full time job and she tailored my program to my schedule. I only trained about 1-1.25 hours in the gym four days a week which is unheard of for bodybuilding prep. I still had a life. Alex even gave me scheduled cheat meals…. One of which included all I could eat pancakes only several weeks out from my show.

Please SIGN ME UP for a trainer with that regiment!!!

If you are looking for results you will get it with Alex. She makes the plan and you follow through… It will happen