And because I saw her every day at the gym, I was able to see all her hard work especially on the nutrition front, pay off! My PT was getting lean and defined by the day! I am so happy with my decision to go with Alex. Alex is so easy to work with – sweet personality, but she will also give it to you straight and steer you in the right direction during those times when you’re not your strongest – when all the cupcakes and chocolate bars are calling your name! Alex’s ultra low carb, carb backload and carb night plan, in my opinion was everything! For the first time in my health and fitness journey, I feel like I understand how to use food as fuel, to pause and check in with my feelings, whether or not I should rest my body versus train harder and harder at the gym. Because I am becoming more conscious of these things, I feel like I have a new freedom, when it comes to food and exercise. I feel like I have a formula that works not just for bikini competition but for the rest of my life. That’s the beauty and blessing of having worked with Alex. And then there’s the fact that I won my class when I entered my first bikini competition ever at the age of 41 and after 3 kids. Alex knows her stuff – nutrition, training, posing, her presence the night of the show, the whole shebang! Sure, do your research, talk to other coaches, just to say that you did your due diligence, or save some time and get started with Alex and prepare to WIN! I won on so many levels throughout this whole journey, the crystal trophy is just icing on the cake.