The initial reason that I approached Alex was I wanted to learn more about Carb Nite Solution and I wanted to get rid of my little belly pouch.

As I got more transparent with Alex, a lot of “other things” came to surface. From that point on, our sessions became very juicy! Alex guided me to discover about “true myself”.

I had been struggling with my body images, eating disorder and self-confident for a long time. I thought I was healed though self-development studies, counseling, and other therapy. I was not completely healed. I pretended that I was totally fine. With Alex’s help, I really faced the root of my “problem”.

I still have some moments of a LOVE & HATE relationship with food and myself, but I am comfortable to say I am in a much better place.

Alex taught me that this health/fitness choice is my life style choice. She also made me truly realize that this is life long journey and learning experience.

I am extremely happy to have Alex as my coach. She is not only a nutrition and fitness expert, but she is passionate to help people and touch their lives.

Alex’s approach to coaching is not a conventional one, but very effective because she is not offering you a one-size-fits-all program or bandage solution. She will work with you to figure it out “together” and she can guide you to the right direction. She will put you in charge of your life!

Thank you for being my coach!