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Competition Prep Coaching

12-20 Week Customized Macronutrient breakdown + Customized Training program to get stage-ready.

Prep timelines can range from 12-20 weeks based on your current physique. This will be determined during your consultation, current progress pictures, and a realistic look at your individual lifestyle.

What you get

Who is this program for?

Someone who has a general understanding of macro tracking through a food tracking app like “My FitnessPal” and familiarity with “The Carb Nite Solution”. (If you’re not, please refer to it before we get started. Click here for link).
Someone who has experience in a gym and is comfortable following a prescribed lifting program on their own.
Someone who is ready to take their physique to the next level.
Someone who is ready to dive into the emotional and psychological aspects of competition so they are prepared for both on stage and stepping off stage with a healthy mindset and body image.
What we offer

What’s included?

Customized macronutrient breakdown and example days (training vs non-training days).
Tailored training programming every 4-weeks.
Guidance on show and category selection.
Advice on suit, show, gown/theme wear and shoe selection.
Emotional support – making sure your head is in the right state to make the most of your experience on stage.
Week of show and day of show assistance for all the nitty gritty details, including packing lists, etc..
4-week post-show nutrition and training programming – because what you do when you get off stage is just as important (if not more) than what you did to prepare for on stage.

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