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HER Body Solutions Approved!

These are the products that can help YOU achieve your goal!

HER Body Solutions Approved!

You might find that your health journey may require some additional tools and supplementation. You may also be interested in other ways to take action towards living a healthier lifestyle, including what products you use in and around your home. I’ve compiled a few resources that I love and use for myself and my family.

I don’t make recommendations lightly, so know that whatever I associate myself with, I believe in 100%.

While I do make a very small commission on some of my recommendations, none of them are based on any financial gain I may attribute to your purchase of them. Transparency is very important to me, so please know that my affiliations are genuine. I’d make these recommendations regardless

Amazon Storefront

While I always prefer to purchase from small businesses and mom-and-pop stores, it’s not always possible to do or recommend to others. So I’ve put together several lists of products that I love and use, all available for delivery from Amazon. The lists consist of supplements, ingredients for cooking, on-the-go snacks and munchies, as well as workout gear for your home gym, books I love and recommend as you explore more about health and wellness and lastly, cooking gear that we use daily in our home. If you find products you love and use that you think I should add to my list, please let me know!

Seeking Health

It’s hard to trust most supplement companies, especially those in the “fitness” space. After extensive vetting and several calls with the team at Seeking Health, I’ve not only tried many of their products, I became an affiliate. Dr Ben Lynch created his line of products with the sole purpose of helping people heal naturally and provide it with the tools to thrive. I personally use the Optimal Multivitamin, Liposomal Vitamin C, Glutathione, Electrolytes, Vitamin D3 and K2 Drops, Optimal Magnesium, as well as ProBiota HistaminX. If you’re looking to boost your immune system, or simply want to enhance and support your current diet, you’ll find everything you need with them.

Imperfect Foods

I love fresh produce and I also love sustainability. Imperfect Foods offers both. Not only can you find great quality produce, but you also help reduce waste by buying products that don’t look “good or right”. Did you know that if a carrots doesn't look “perfect” that it gets thrown away? It’s true! Imperfect Box takes all the produce and products that don’t meet the criteria to be on the shelf or in a store and sends them right to your door! You can customize your box weekly, skip a week easily if you need to and even enjoy a new variety of foods you might not have considered before. We’re hooked!

Butcher Box

High quality protein can be hard to find. Sourcing quality meat with easy access is even harder. Enter Butcher Box. They did all the work for me and I love that I can learn about the farms where they source their meat and I can trust what I am feeding my family. Because we eat what the animals eat, so it’s important to me to know what those animals are being fed and how they are cared for. We get the mixed box every month and love the variety of high quality meat we get. They also share amazing recipes and ways to prepare new cuts of meat that I wouldn’t normally think to buy at the store. Plus, it’s very reasonably priced for the quality!

Young Living

I found Young Living when I was looking for safer cleaning products to use in my home. I wanted cleaning products that got the job done, but that didn’t put my family at risk for chemical-induced side-effects, such as hormone-disrupting ingredients. The Thieves line has been my go-to since my son was born and I love everything about the products. I also have a large collection of their wonderful oils, which we use for a variety of purposes such as diffusing, topical and internal use. My son loves using his rollers on the bottoms of his feet and choosing which oils to diffuse in his room before bedtime. There hasn’t been a product of theirs that I didn’t love