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Two years later I am blown away by the results.

When I hired Alex two years ago we sat down to review my expectations; I made it clear I only had one goal: “I want my body to be my greatest machine.”

Two years later I can say with full confidence that through Alex’s attention to detail, willingness to troubleshoot, creativity and tremendous ability to look outside the box she has been able to provide me with fitness and nutrition programs that have fully delivered on my investment

As a personal trainer with over eight years of experience writing custom fitness programs myself, my decision to outsource my own program design to Alex was not made lightly. The reason I hired Alex initially was mainly fueled by curiosity — could I become as fit and confident in my skin as my humble, stunning colleague?

Two years later I am blown away by the results. My body has completely transformed. I have more curves where I wanted them and am leaner in the spaces I craved. Overall my muscle mass has improved drastically. I have less pain and can move confidently through complicated exercises that I once was convinced I’d never be graceful enough to tackle.

Best of all, Alex keeps me engaged, challenged, motivated and has taught me how to be more mindful of my body’s needs, patient with it’s progress and how to provide it with all the recovery it craves.

If I were writing my own programs I would murder myself sabotaging both my results and joy. Alex has provided a completely different approach and it is SO much more effective. Thank you for everything!

Sylvie Boland
I started the journey feeling a little lost..

Now, I feel so much better equipped to take care of myself and meet my own needs

I love how our group can come together

I give myself more compassion and just fully accept that life happens!

I have been able to connect with myself . . .

I thought this journey was going to be focused on weight loss, changing my eating, and getting more active. It is soooooooooo much more than that.

This course was a game changer.

Working with Alex has always been a terribly rewarding process.

Who was I before this course?

When I started working with Alex, I thought I was just going to “fix my diet and health.” Nourish HER body Course has given me more than I could have imagined.

I have gained . . . how to become “well-being”!

Alex is a bridge between you and new types of fitness/wellness areas that you would never have thought existed. 

I was constantly hopping from diet to diet but never really had . . .

follow through or encouragement from a third-party to make me stick with it. Since joining the course . .

My personal trainer at my local YMCA referred me to Alex.

And because I saw her every day at the gym, I was able to see all her hard work especially on the nutrition front, pay off! My PT was getting lean and defined by the day! I am so happy with my decision to go with Alex. Alex is so easy to work with – sweet personality, but she will also give it to you straight and steer you in the right direction during those times when you’re not your strongest – when all the cupcakes and chocolate bars are calling your name! Alex’s ultra low carb, carb backload and carb night plan, in my opinion was everything! For the first time in my health and fitness journey, I feel like I understand how to use food as fuel, to pause and check in with my feelings, whether or not I should rest my body versus train harder and harder at the gym. Because I am becoming more conscious of these things, I feel like I have a new freedom, when it comes to food and exercise. I feel like I have a formula that works not just for bikini competition but for the rest of my life. That’s the beauty and blessing of having worked with Alex. And then there’s the fact that I won my class when I entered my first bikini competition ever at the age of 41 and after 3 kids. Alex knows her stuff – nutrition, training, posing, her presence the night of the show, the whole shebang! Sure, do your research, talk to other coaches, just to say that you did your due diligence, or save some time and get started with Alex and prepare to WIN! I won on so many levels throughout this whole journey, the crystal trophy is just icing on the cake.

Glenda McFarlen – Mom of 3
My personal trainer at my local YMCA referred me to Alex.
I started working with Alex back in 2008.

I was in desperate need of a trainer who could help me get back in shape and lose the body fat that I gained from my pregnancy that year. Then I saw her on her website and knew she was the one, why? Because I saw her stage photo from her previous fitness competition. If this girl didn’t know her stuff well (diet & exercise plan), she wouldn’t be able to put herself on stage year after year. Not only have I learned a lot about food and diet for weight loss from Alex, she is also the type of trainer who emphasizes strongly on proper form and safe lifting technique. Then after my 2nd pregnancy in 2012, Alex introduced me to Carb Nite Solution, an ultra low carb diet that guided people on how to shed the stubborn body fat. That was a life changing moment for me because she found me a diet that I could stick with forever and minimized the amount of cardio I used to do on the traditional diets. Currently I am doing remote training with Alex (since 2013), I am still learning things from her but mostly on the new exercises. We keep great communication via phone, emails, or texting and her response is quick whenever I have a question on diet or a specific exercise. Lately, I raised my concern about the last bit of stubborn fat in my midsection and she immediately provided me with a few options and incorporated them in the new training. I would not have gotten nearly this far without her assistance and guidance.

Shirley H
I started working with Alex back in 2008.
I worked with Alex for my 2015 spring prep for Npc bikini division.

I had such a wonderful experience. Alex was knowledgeable, positive and very thorough! She was always checking in, was very in tune with me and my journey to fitness. She was a reality check when I needed it and my firm supporter when I was struggling. Her guidance allowed me to place first in my class and overall in what had been only my second NPC show. She also coached me into my first national show where I placed in the top 10 in my class.

I look forward to working with her again in the new year for my next season. Alex has the tools, experience and patience required for the makings of a great coach. She is one of the few coaches I know in this sport who continue to keep long term clients because she is THAT GOOD. I really can’t say enough. I worked with her via email/phone coaching but her approach felt completely hands on.

So my training program was AMAZING… Every month I looked forward to her new program for me and was so stoked on how she kept things fresh and challenging. I am a mom and have a full time job and she tailored my program to my schedule. I only trained about 1-1.25 hours in the gym four days a week which is unheard of for bodybuilding prep. I still had a life. Alex even gave me scheduled cheat meals…. One of which included all I could eat pancakes only several weeks out from my show.

Please SIGN ME UP for a trainer with that regiment!!!

If you are looking for results you will get it with Alex. She makes the plan and you follow through… It will happen

Jessica R
I worked with Alex for my 2015 spring prep for Npc bikini division.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this coach!

When I came to Alex for coaching last summer, I was a metabolic train wreck. Seriously. I had run myself into the ground dieting and training for my first NPC competition. And on top of that, I was in denial about my myriad of health problems. I was hell-bent on competing on the National stage immediately, regardless of my health issues. A few weeks into our competition programming, I was coming apart at the seams. With my health and my life unraveling, Alex helped me see the light and shift my focus away from aesthetics and back toward getting my health under control.

Alex is the complete package in a Health Coach. She is level headed and calm (something I need as a super high-strung person) while amazingly constructive, motivating and inspiring. Her focus is always on the big picture of HEALTH. She thoroughly evaluates her clients to determine what they need most, and creates a realistic, functional plan around that. Her integrative coaching method is what makes her outstanding: she coaches around mindset, nutrition and training. That triple threat approach makes big life changes stick. She has encouraged me to reevaluate my goals in order to appropriately prioritize health. She keeps me honest when I to lie to myself about what’s working and what isn’t. She keeps me sane when negative self-talk seems all consuming. And most importantly, she keeps me healthy, so I can continue to live my life and enjoy every moment!

After 6 months of coaching with Alex, I’m almost ready to step on stage again. She has taught me to be patient with progress, how to listen to and learn from my body, and how to be proactive (as opposed to reactive) about managing my health. She has fused my health and aesthetic goals into one holistic training plan.

Whatever your goals, if you need a coach, Alex is your girl! If you want to see what she’s about before you start a program, check out her podcasts on the BodyIO FM channel. Look for the HERBODY podcasts. You’ll hear first hand just how knowledgeable and experienced she is

LOVE LOVE LOVE this coach!

Alice M
LOVE LOVE LOVE this coach!
During my pregnancy,

During my pregnancy, it became a ritual for me to eat a pint of (organic) mint chocolate chip ice cream…. every night. To my surprise, I put on nearly half my weight! How’d that happen? I realized post pregnancy that eating whatever the hell I wanted “because I’m pregnant” was probably not a good idea.

About three months postpartum, I began working with Alex to restore my body to (hopefully) looking good again. I remember those first few sessions where doing one crunch was impossible and I remember thinking, I barely feel sore -just a little here and there…. does Alex know what she is doing?

Well, let me tell you how big of a mistake that thought process was. For the first time, I didn’t have a trainer that wanted to kick my butt and make me unable to walk the next day. No, Alex, instead, is 1000 times better than that. She is so good at what she does that you don’t really feel your butt being kicked, but it so is.

Within a month, sometimes a week, I noticed my waistline dropping. I have no idea what she does and how she does it, but I HAVE NEVER LOOKED BETTER! I feel strong, I have those cool ab lines, don’t even ask about my behind -it has never ever looked this good. As a thank you to Alex, I plan on tattooing “Alex Fitness” on my behind. JK, I will not do that, but I will continue to see her for (hopefully) ever.

Another perk is how professional, but charismatic Alex is -it is always such a pleasure to see her. She answers all my nutrition and fitness questions and is so knowledgeable aside from being a superstar trainer!

Irina R
During my pregnancy,
I have been working with Alex since Aug 2018.

The initial reason that I approached Alex was I wanted to learn more about Carb Nite Solution and I wanted to get rid of my little belly pouch.

As I got more transparent with Alex, a lot of “other things” came to surface. From that point on, our sessions became very juicy! Alex guided me to discover about “true myself”.

I had been struggling with my body images, eating disorder and self-confident for a long time. I thought I was healed though self-development studies, counseling, and other therapy. I was not completely healed. I pretended that I was totally fine. With Alex’s help, I really faced the root of my “problem”.

I still have some moments of a LOVE & HATE relationship with food and myself, but I am comfortable to say I am in a much better place.

Alex taught me that this health/fitness choice is my life style choice. She also made me truly realize that this is life long journey and learning experience.

I am extremely happy to have Alex as my coach. She is not only a nutrition and fitness expert, but she is passionate to help people and touch their lives.

Alex’s approach to coaching is not a conventional one, but very effective because she is not offering you a one-size-fits-all program or bandage solution. She will work with you to figure it out “together” and she can guide you to the right direction. She will put you in charge of your life!

Thank you for being my coach!

Tomoko O
I have been working with Alex since Aug 2018.
You. Are. The. Best. Ever. Enough. Said.

Your email means so much to me. You so totally completely understand what I am going through, and I can’t express my relief to you right now – I feel this massive weight coming off my chest now. You went through exactly what I am struggling with right and I am so happy I decided to say everything that I feared saying. But I feel miles better knowing we can talk about these things and discuss ways I can work through my problems. You are simply amazing!! Thank for just being awesome!

Dani D
You. Are. The. Best. Ever. Enough. Said.
I am eating VERY well!

All the traveling and business meetings has not impeded my progress. As a matter of fact, my clients and boss think it is amusing how I manipulate the restaurants into giving me the exact food I want.

After spending about 10 years losing a little over 100 lb, but not being able to get the last 60 off, I finally found Alex. This sweet, smart, and energetic lady brought to me an understanding of health and fitness that I had not encountered before. The last 60 lbs came off in 9 months, and in that time, I also was able to rid myself of arthritis, thyroid, and depression medications. Alex listened to my concerns and helped me design a nutrition and movement program that was just right for me. She does not have a cookie cutter approach, but modifies as necessary to help each client achieve their specific goals for their unique self. Further, she places great importance on overall health, not just a number on a scale. I found myself spending far less time in the gym than ever before, but doing very targeted and USEFUL work there. This was valuable to me as a PhD research scientist for a large company, because my spare time is limited. Additionally, we were able to use foods that I enjoyed and that fit my lifestyle to achieve my nutrition goals. Being able to eat foods that provide a psychological benefit to me, as well as a nutrient and fat burning benefit was a big game changer. My personal experience with Alex was as a “fat girl”. Really -fat! But I know that she has had much success working with other types of individuals as well -athletes, body builders, and figure competitors, to name a few. This variety of people who have had success working with her is a true testament to her skills. I’ve continued to work with Alex over the last two years on a modified consulting basis. She has coached me on how to keep the weight off, and it has been effortless. Seek her out. Talk with her. Hear her plan for you. You will not be disappointed.

Kerry T
I am eating VERY well!
‘I felt so much better and saw far more results’

I started working with Alex in July of 2013 and went from 23% body fat to 16-17%. In December of 2013 I started seriously training for my first bikini competition.

Jill Helman
‘I felt so much better and saw far more results’
‘The process was really easy…I eat what I want and I enjoy it’

Bringing my body fat levels to a healthy, sustainable range is, and of course to build up a strong, shapely frame.

Danielle Collins
‘The process was really easy…I eat what I want and I enjoy it’
‘I would not have gotten nearly this far without her…’

I started working with Alex back in 2008. I was in desperate need of a trainer who could help me get back in shape.

Shirley H
‘I would not have gotten nearly this far without her…’
‘I lost 60 lbs in 9 months! AND regained my health.’

I’ve continued to work with Alex over the last two years on a modified consulting basis. She has coached me on how to keep the weight off, and it has been effortless.

Kerry T.
‘I lost 60 lbs in 9 months! AND regained my health.’