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Macronutrient Guide


The Macronutrient Guide

The pie charts are designed to make choosing recipes easy. The Usable Carbs number is the most important one to consider when planning meals and pairing recipes together, which is why it is the featured number below each recipe. The next important feature to understand is the letter inside each pie chart (Food Score) and what that means to you in choosing recipes for your goals.

Understanding the macronutrient guide


How to read them and find the Usable Carb Count

When you’re looking for ingredients to use for these recipes, read the nutritional information carefully to ensure your dishes contain the lowest amount of net carbs per serving. To figure this out, subtract the number of grams of fiber (including soluble and insoluble fiber) from the number of grams of carbohydrates. This will give you the total number of carbohydrates that can be used by your body.

Nutritional Label Guide - Usable Carbs