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HER Body Lifts Custom Training

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HER Body Lifts Custom Training

Are you working towards a specific goal? 

Are you looking to take your training to the next level? 

Are you seeking guidance on how to increase your progress, whether aesthetically or performance based? 

Your opportunity is here! 

Custom training is now available in 3-month increments, broken up in a variety of ways, based on your goals.

What you get
Customized programming based on your goals, training frequency, available equipment etc.
In-app messaging for support, questions and modifications.
Video demos and explanation of all movements by Alex herself.
x/month 30-minute private Zoom call to go over questions, modifications etc.
Progress tracking for both movement and body composition stats
Who is this for?
Women working towards a specific goal and/or timeline
Women looking to take the guesswork out of of their training
Women who prefer to have tailored programs designed just for them and their unique needs and goals
Experienced lifters who are confident in navigating the gym and available equipment
Movers and lifters who have adequate body awareness and can take cues well


Overhead Press

Deadlift Variations

Barbell squat and/or Goblet Squat

What people are saying
Two years later I am blown away by the results.

When I hired Alex two years ago we sat down to review my expectations; I made it clear I only had one goal: “I want my body to be my greatest machine.”

Two years later I can say with full confidence that through Alex’s attention to detail, willingness to troubleshoot, creativity and tremendous ability to look outside the box she has been able to provide me with fitness and nutrition programs that have fully delivered on my investment

As a personal trainer with over eight years of experience writing custom fitness programs myself, my decision to outsource my own program design to Alex was not made lightly. The reason I hired Alex initially was mainly fueled by curiosity — could I become as fit and confident in my skin as my humble, stunning colleague?

Two years later I am blown away by the results. My body has completely transformed. I have more curves where I wanted them and am leaner in the spaces I craved. Overall my muscle mass has improved drastically. I have less pain and can move confidently through complicated exercises that I once was convinced I’d never be graceful enough to tackle.

Best of all, Alex keeps me engaged, challenged, motivated and has taught me how to be more mindful of my body’s needs, patient with it’s progress and how to provide it with all the recovery it craves.

If I were writing my own programs I would murder myself sabotaging both my results and joy. Alex has provided a completely different approach and it is SO much more effective. Thank you for everything!

Sylvie Boland

What is the investment?

$1000 for 3-month commitment

Specializing in Shockwave Protocol + Body-Building + Sports Performance

Not sure if this program is right for you? Contact me here with questions to learn more!