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HER Body Lifts Training Membership

HER Body Lifts
Training Membership

Are you ready to move your body with intention?
Tired of following a training program that’s too complicated and/or that requires too much time in the gym?
Are you ready to workout with guidance from me, while having the support and accountability I offer 1:1 clients?

Your opportunity is here!

I created HER Body Lifts with you in mind.

Over the past decade and a half I have self-experimented with a variety of lifting and exercise approaches. I achieved great results with most of them, but found it challenging to adhere to for long periods of time. They also rarely translated into programs I could build for private clients.

I realized the missing pieces were time commitments to each session, as well as maintaining consistency overtime.

If something doesn’t fit well into your day to day, the likelihood of sticking with it fades with each passing day.

So I experimented with what’s called “minimum effective dose”. Which means, doing the least amount of work, as frequently as possible, in order to achieve the greatest results possible.

Over the last year I’ve had an awesome beta group of ladies following these methods of training and the results have been amazing! With their feedback, I’ve created what I hope to be the answer for women like you.

Who is this program for?

Women who are ready to take the guesswork out of their lifting program
Women who are ready to see the progress they want, without spending hours in the gym.
Experienced lifters who are confident in navigating the gym and available equipment.
Movers/exercisers who have adequate body awareness and can follow queues well.
Novice to experienced lifters and movers
Prerequisites lifts include:
Overhead press
Barbell squat and/or goblet squat
Deadlift variations
What you get

What’s included?

Three Total-Body Workouts (choose from the at-home or in-gym version)
New program every month
Video demos and explanations for each exercise by me personally
Progress tracking for both movements and body composition stats
Two optional days (these vary each month)
In-App messages for check-ins and accountability
Access to new and added workouts, plus bonus programs that target more specific goals
What makes this program different

> Efficient workouts designed to hit all the major muscle groups

> Straight forward programming with common movements and exercises

> No fancy or complicated movements or programming

> Effective workouts structured to get the most bang for your buck and use of time

> Each workout is 45-60 minutes long

> Focused on progressive overload and guidance on how to approach each session and the recommended amount of intensity and effort to put into each

> A combination of strength training, flexibility (range of motion) and stability

> Choose between in-gym and at-home training based on your available equipment at home or access to a gym

> Effective with most dieting approaches

Benefits of HER Body Training program

> Convenience of having workouts at your fingertips

> In-App messaging with me, your coach

> Community environment and support

> Takes the guesswork out of program design

> Nothing fancy or complicated – basic movements that most are able to achieve, without the need for fancy equipment

> Video demonstrations and tutorials on movements and execution

What you need

Now offering a full gym program and at-home program, making these accessible to everyone and any amount of equipment. 

Choose the option that best fits your needs and available equipment.



New workouts delivered 1st Monday of each month!


Only $49 a month!
Cancel anytime
No minimum commitment


Not sure if this is right for you? Feel free to contact me here with any questions.