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Consultations are the best way to determine if coaching is right for you and which program is most fitting for your needs and goals.

How to get the most out of your consult:

To make the consultation process as smooth as possible and to utilize our time wisely, here’s a list of things you can have ready (if applicable) before we chat:

A Skype account. Consulting face-to-face is important to help build our relationship which will help reach your goals.

Current progress pictures and/or body composition stats, including body fat percentage, weight and circumference measurements.

Brief bio regarding your dieting and exercise history. If your lifestyle factors/job are relevant to include, please do so briefly.

Current diet and training regimen, if relevant.

If you’re interested in physique competitions, please state which federation you’re interested in competing with and the date of the show you’re considering.

Any other relevant personal information you feel would be helpful in getting to know you and your needs.

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Not ready for a consult and have a question? Please visit the contact page.

Please note: If you are looking specifically for help with Carb Backloading™ or the Carb Nite® Solution, please email coaching@body.io.