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Nutritional Coaching

12-Week Nutritional Coaching

Nourishing your body and mind through customized programming to meet your physical and emotional needs.

A 4-week program designed to jumpstart your system, get you in touch with your vital needs and adopt a plan to fit your current lifestyle. This program includes a deep dive into your dieting history, looking at your past and current relationship with food and how you view your worth in relation to the foods you choose to feed your body.

What you get

Who is this program for?

The woman who has struggled with her weight and bounced from diet to diet, only to be left confused and frustrated with what’s “right” for her.
The woman who has things “under control”, but perhaps in an over-controlling way and wants to learn how to loosen the reigns of her diet and eating habits for a more enjoyable life.
The woman who struggles with balance and the all-or-nothing mentality.
The woman who is ready to get off the hamster wheel of eating poorly -> feeling guilty -> eating out of guilt -> not eating and then binging -> feeling guilty.

Who is this program not for?

This program is not for the woman who is in denial about her relationship with food.
This program is not for the woman looking for a quick-fix or immediate results program.
This program is not for the woman who wants to be told what to eat.
What I offer

What’s included?

Customized nutrition program to meet you where you’re at, based on what we’ve decided on through the initial consultation process. This will likely change and adapt over time.
Weekly Skype check-ins where we dive into the uncomfortable, but revealing part of your relationship with food, using the feedback and notes you’ve collected during the week. This process can take many forms and we decide together how the initial approach looks.
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