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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find an answer to your questions here, please contact us.

What does Ultra Low-Carb (ULC) mean?

What are "usable carbs"?

– See here: Macronutrient Guide

What is Carb Nite and how do I find out more about it?

The Carb Nite SolutionThe Carb Nite Solution® is a safe, rapid and permanent weight loss program. Turn your body into a fat-burning machine by eating Ultra Low-Carb for up to 7 days. On the 7th evening indulge in a necessary Carb Nite made up of some of your favorite carbohydrate-rich foods to rev your metabolism and continue fat-mobilzation. Just a few of the benefits of this ultra-low carbohydrate lifestyle is the preservation of your lean body mass, increases satiety, mood, stabilized blood sugar levels and sleep quality.   Reading the book is the best place to start and you can find it here: The Carb Nite Solution®. Or read What is Carb Nite? Alex Navarro and Mary Gines Carb Nite

What is Carb Back-Loading and how do I find out more about it?

Carb Back-Loading BookCarb Back-Loading is used to lean out and gain muscle. As the name implies, this protocol limits carb consumption to the later part of the day. Carbs make both muscle and fat cells grow—and often at the same time. But by shifting when you eat carbs, you can actually control which kind of tissue grows. Similar to The Carb Nite Solution, you keep the earlier part of the day Ultra Low-Carb, have your resistance training sessions and then enjoy some carbohydrate-rich foods.   Reading the book the best place to start and you can find it here: Carb Back-Loading™

Why do you use so much coconut oil and butter? Isn't that bad for you?

For Ultra Low-Carb /Low-Carb eating fats play an important role. The list of benefits is significant and you can read about some of them here. For cooking purposes, we think everything tastes better with butter! But there are some recipes where coconut oil is a better choice because of its flavor and how it can be heated to a higher temperature before burning.

Should I be counting calories?

It depends, but in most cases, no. Focus more on your macronutrient needs and ratios of fat to protein. If you’d like to set up a consultation call to determine your macro needs for your goals, make an appointment here.

Can I substitute coconut flour for almond flour and vice versa?

Unfortunately the ratios of coconut flour to almond flour are not equivalent. So it’s not as simple as replacing one for the other. Coconut flour absorbs much more fluid and requires more eggs than cooking with almond flour. You could try replacing on for the other, but it will take some tampering with to get the right consistency.

What's the max number of carbs I can have?

Read here to find out how many carbs are acceptable while eating Ultra Low-Carb (ULC).

How can I incorporate these recipes into my macro breakdown?

We created convenient pie charts for every recipe so you can see exactly how many grams of protein:fat:carbs they contain. For example: if your fat:protein ratios are equal and you want to use one of our recipes, simply note the food score. If the food score is an “F”, that means that recipe contains more fat than protein, so you should add a little more protein to that meal. For more info you can read this: Macronutrient Guide.

How does the Nutritional Counseling work? Where do I find out more info?

We offer one-time consultation calls where we go over details of your goals and answer any questions you have. This is great for beginners and for those who need a little help getting started. For those who need or want on-going one-on-one coaching, we offer a 4-week Nutritional Counseling Course which includes:

  1. Customized plans
  2. Goal setting
  3. Meal strategizing
  4. Weekly check-ins
  5. One-on-one time with Alex Navarro

If you’re interested in setting up a consultation call or inquiring about the Nutritional Counseling Course please schedule a consultation.  

*Although we would love to help everyone, our time and availability in the coaching program is limited. We hope to provide you with as much guidance as we can through our articles and resources.   Serious inquires only please.