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Nourish HER Body Course


Nourish HER Body Course

To nourish HER body is to create the means for growth, health, and well-being, inside and out.
Through acts of proper self-care, she can be nourished – starting with how you feed HER, how you move HER and how you support HER emotionally.
A nourished body is a capable body. Capable of taking on the day with intention and making conscious choices that serve every part of her mind, body, and soul. A nourished body feels confident in movement, even when the movement may feel foreign. A nourished body is fueled by foods that provide her with physical energy, meets her ever-changing energetic demands and can comfort her mind and soul when needed.

The Nourish HER Body 6-Month Course is designed to help guide and support the busy woman while navigating her journey to reclaiming her health and well-being.

Course starts August 4, 2021.

Members will have access to:
Weekly group Zoom calls for connection, clarity, and themed based content and action items.
1x per month private 1:1 call for deep dives into HER goals and areas that need extra expansion
Weekly email support on macro specifics and food related troubleshooting, aka: food log audits
1 guest speaker/instructor per month in an area of expertise outside of my own that will support and expand on the information provided throughout the course
Course Intentions

Embrace HER – what is, what is not and all the unknowns within the journey.

Accept HER and all she has been through and where she is headed. It is hard to move forward with open arms without acknowledging the road traveled. Celebrate the wins, the growth and the experiences that shaped HER.

Connect HER to healing ways that invite acceptance and self-compassion. Sometimes what you need is not always what you think you want.

Recognizing the disconnect between your mind/will and the actions that support you long term.

Discover HER physiological needs and the queues your body provides. Learn how foods make her feel and how to tune into her needs for rest, recovery and refueling. Most importantly learn how to utilize them appropriately for reaching her goals.

Overcome HER obstacles, barriers, and self-limiting beliefs around reaching her goal and becoming HER. Do you believe she can get there? Do you believe she deserves to get there?

Surrender to HER needs. Our wants and wishes are often not in alignment with our needs, which leaves neither being fully fulfilled or experienced. Avoiding the comparison traps, self-sabotaging behaviors and not showing up for ourselves.

Recognize HER in this process of growth and expansion. See HER. Experience HER in each moment, with love and compassion. Ditch the negative self-talk and shame cycle.

To nourish HER body is to take care of her with love, support, and unconditional acceptance.

What women are saying
I was constantly hopping from diet to diet but never really had . . .

follow through or encouragement from a third-party to make me stick with it. Since joining the course . .

I have gained . . . how to become “well-being”!

Alex is a bridge between you and new types of fitness/wellness areas that you would never have thought existed. 

Who was I before this course?

When I started working with Alex, I thought I was just going to “fix my diet and health.” Nourish HER body Course has given me more than I could have imagined.


Enrollment starts June 1, 2021