Ultra Low Carb Mini Tuna Melts Recipe Alex Navarro

These Mini Tuna Melts are quick and easy, protein-packed and topped with all the goodness that melted cheese has to offer! Try it with Swiss, Smoked Gouda or for fun, pull apart some string cheese. Whether it’s sliced, shredded or crumbled, the cheese is the star of these Mini Tuna Melts. For a video of this recipe, click here. For more Ultra Low-Carb recipes like this, check out our Transforming Recipes Cookbook!

Tuna Melts

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Tuna Melts


ultra low carb tuna melt recipe

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  1. Set oven to broil - Preheat the oven and arrange the top rack so it’s about 6 inches from the flame.
  2. Make tuna mixture - Place the tuna in the small bowl and add the Greek yogurt, salt and pepper; mix well. If you are adding in the diced celery, add it the mixture now.
  3. Arrange tomato slices - Place the tomato slices side by side on the aluminum foil lined baking sheet and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper.
  4. Divide Tuna mixture - Divide the tuna mixture among the 4 tomato slices.
  5. Top with cheese - Place one slice of cheese on top of each pile of tuna.
  6. Broil - Place the baking sheet on the top rack and broil for about 3-5 minutes or until the cheese starts to bubble. Keep a close watch on the mini tuna melts so you don’t burn the cheese.

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