I started working with Alex back in 2008. I was in desperate need of a trainer who could help me get back in shape and lose the body fat that I gained from my pregnancy that year. Then I saw her on Craiglist and knew she was the one, why? Because I saw her stage photo from her previous fitness competition. If this girl didn’t know her stuffs well (diet & exercise plan), she wouldn’t be able to put herself on stage year after year. Not only I have learned a lot about food and diet for weight loss from Alex, she is also the type of trainer who emphasizes strongly on proper form and safe lifting technique.

Then after my 2nd pregnancy in 2012, Alex introduced me Carb Nite Solution, an ultra low carb diet that guided people on how to shed the stubborn body fat. That was a life changing moment for me because she found me a diet that I could stick with forever and minimized the amount of cardio I used to do on the traditional diets. Currently I am doing remote training with Alex (since 2013), I am still learning things from her but mostly on the new exercises. We keep great communication via phone, emails, or texting and her response is pretty quick whenever I have a question on diet or a specific exercise.

Lately, I raised my concern about the last bit of stubborn fat in my midsection and she immediately provided me few options and incorporated them in the new training. I would not have gotten nearly this far without her assistance and guidance. Thanks Alex!