I lost 60 lbs in 9 months! AND regained my health.

After spending about 10 years losing a little over 100 lbs, but not being able to get the last 60 off, I finally found Alex. This sweet, smart, and energetic lady brought to me an understanding of health and fitness that I had not encountered before. The last 60 lbs came off in 9 months, and in that time, I also was able to rid myself of arthritis, thyroid, and depression medications.

Alex listened to my concerns and helped me design a nutrition and movement program that was just right for me. She does not have a cookie cutter approach, but modifies as necessary to help each client achieve their specific goals for their unique self. Further, she places great importance on overall health, not just a number on a scale.

I found myself spending far less time in the gym than ever before, but doing very targeted and USEFUL work there. This was valuable to me as a PhD research scientist for a large company, because my spare time is limited. Additionally, we were able to use foods that I enjoyed and that fit my lifestyle to achieve my nutrition goals. Being able to eat foods that provide a psychological benefit to me, and well as a nutrient and fat burning benefit was a big game changer.

My personal experience with Alex was as a “fat girl”. Really – fat! But I know that she has had much success working with other types of individuals as well – athletes, body builders, and figure competitors, to name a few. This variety of people who have had success working with her is a true testament to her skills.

I’ve continued to work with Alex over the last two years on a modified consulting basis. She has coached me on how to keep the weight off, and it has been effortless.

Seek her out. Talk with her. Hear her plan for you. You will not be disappointed.