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HER Body™ #02 | Common Diet Mistakes with Carb Nite® and Carb Backloading™

Why is it important to read and understand a diet protocol before you start it?
How essential is tracking your food, exercise, and progress when it comes to reaching your goals?
In episode #2 of HER Body, AJ and Alex discuss some of the most common protocol mistakes women make when following Carb Nite® and Carb Backloading™.
They also chat about what mistakes they have made in the past with their diet and how they corrected them by food and progress tracking. They equally found it important educate themselves about diet from credible sources. In addition, AJ clarifies and gives context to what she means when she previously stated she “trains less but eats more.”
Alex and AJ’s take away points from this podcast:
1. Compliance
2. Consistency
3. Patience
4. Have fun!

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