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HER Body™ #10 | Coach Cinnamon Prime – Mindset

What is mindset coaching?

How important is your mindset when it comes to your diet and performance?

In today’s episode of HER Body™, AJ and Alex speak with mindset Coach, Cinnamon Prime. They discuss how she specializes in the area of health, fitness, and nutrition, but mainly discuss how she specializes in the mindset of her clients.

Coach Prime explains how she teaches and coaches her clients to empower themselves so they can get past being stuck in their way of thinking so that they can succeed with their goals.

Cinnamon is Native Texan and a degree in Biochemistry has afforded her with a full understanding of the science of nutrition and neurology of the brain so that making a TRUE change actually lasts over time. She’s studied transformation for years and understands what makes humans stay STUCK in life and how to help you have breakthroughs.

To learn more about Coach Prime’s work, click the following links:

1. A True Transformation website
2. Coach Prime’s Facebook page

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