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HER Body™ #32 | Emme Diane – Skin is a reflection of your lifestyle

In today’s HER Body™ episode licensed esthetician Emme Diane speaks to Alex about the most common skin problems she sees and how diet and lifestyle effect it. She explains how commonly prescribed supplements are actually causing more harm than good to your skin.

They also discuss preventative measures for acne prone skin, anti-aging techniques, as well as what to look for in effective sunscreens and the best practices for avoiding breakouts after working out or sweating.

With more than 15 years of professional experience in both medical and spa esthetics, Emme Diane is known for solving the “unsolvable” skin concerns, from acne to sun damage and aging skin. Her clients, who affectionately refer to her as the “Skin Whisperer,” describe her as nurturing and supportive with a wealth of knowledge. She specializes in skin transformations, she offers local clients advanced skin care treatments that cannot be found anywhere else as well as skin coaching programs that result in remarkable skin transformations for her long distance clients.

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