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HER Body™ #33 | Bret Contreras – Lessons learned from clients

Previous Body IO® FM guest, Bret Contreras, joins Alex today on episode 33 of HER Body™. They talk about what they learn working one-on-one with clients as there are always random nuances that coaches can’t learn from reading a book or a research paper.

Bret also shares some tests and movements he puts clients through to determine the best exercises for them to develop their glutes and body since biomechanics are different for each person.

Bret Contreras is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on glute training. His is also well-versed in most things Sports-Science related.

To learn more about Bret, click the following links:

1. Bret’s Website. 

2. Strong By Bret. 

3. Strength an Conditioning Research website.

4. Bret’s Instagram. 

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