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HER Body™ #36 | Body Types and Functional Movement

In this HER Body™ episode Alex and Shana discuss body types vs. the sports or activities people participate in. They talk about the Olympic trials and the various body types that are in each sport and how sport specific activities transform bodies based on those activities. Long distance running = lower levels of lean body mass vs. sprinters with well developed legs/arms.

They also discuss the significance of lean body mass and the increase in bone density due to resistance training and the importance of maintaining that as we age. Bones are only as strong as the muscles supporting them. Alex and Shana examine how people need to re-frame the way they think about resistance training and use it as a way to move better, live our lives better, take care of ourselves and our families.

Their take away point: If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your family…be the example for your children.

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