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HER Body™ #41 | Missy Bunch – Death of the desk

This episode of HER Body™ deals with a topic that all of us stuck at our desks will benefit from. Simple mobility techniques for the office or home that can be done in as little as 2 minutes.

Missy Bunch, co-founder of Death of the Desk, shares why she started her company and how educating the sedentary population to move throughout the day helps to improve posture, reduce pain, and be more productive.

She explains how many people she sees suffer from “tech neck” and what people can do to help correct it.

She also walks Alex and Shana through a simple routine that all can try.

Missy developed her deep fascination with the human body at a very young age. She is a certified personal trainer and movement coach who has instructed countless boot camp classes, semi-private group classes, and private personal training clients.

To learn more about Missy’s work, click the following links:

1. Death of the desk website
2. Facebook
3. Instagram
4. Twitter

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