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HER Body™ #62 | Expectation vs Reality

What is a realistic goal for body composition changes?

Are you expecting too much of your goal?

Today on HER Body™, Alex and Tony discuss common issues and questions that come up with clients when it comes to goals and sticking to their diet.

They also discuss the following topics that come up with clients:

– How often should you do the 10 day reorientation
– How long should an aesthetic goal take
– What to do when social situations arise and it isn’t your Carb Nite
– How inappropriate expectations of a goal set you up for failure
– Why you may need to take a step back to take a step forward
– “It’s not a diet, it’s how I eat”
– Why doing too much is bad
– Should your happiness be dependent on reaching your goal
– Why stressing and over thinking on how to achieve a certain physique is detrimental
– How you should view different types of carbs or foods

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