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HER Body™ #64 | Alex Navarro – Personal Struggles

In her first solo sit down on HER Body™, Alex shares her personal experiences and struggles growing up and how they impacted her life. She also delves into the struggles she is currently facing postpartum.

Talking points she shares:

– Why she needs structure and a plan
– Developing a good relationship with food
– Having a fast metabolism
– Using and abusing exercise
– Dealing with her parents’ divorce at a young age
– How she recognized she used exercise for stress relief
– Why she chose to take up wrestling and how it made her feel
– Dealing with and avoiding family issues
– How she got into competing in Bikini and became addicted to it
– Introspective work and counselling
– Emotional rollercoaster during pregnancy
– Dealing with mental and emotional roadblocks
– Journaling
– Why walking is amazing
– Postpartum journey struggles
– Body image issues and thoughts post baby
– Internal pressure and social media
– Mom guilt
– How her nutritional needs have changed
– How she exercises today
– Reconnecting with her new body
– Making realistic goals
– Deciding on and executing a new exercise plan
– Getting back to a comfortable physical and mental state
– What makes her proud about herself today
– Why it’s important to be flexible and smart about goals
– Being aware that diet and exercise are mentally taxing

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