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HER Body™ #65 | Jessica Philippus- Teaching Young Ones How To Have A Positive Body Image

In today’s episode of HER Body™, Alex is joined by return guest, Jessica Philippus, to discuss her work with children and teens.

They talk about how she helps young ones overcome negative body image and also develop healthy food relationships.

Other topics covered:

– Weight cutting the wrong way for competition
– How Jessica discovered CNS and CBL
– Coaching little girls to teen girls in wrestling
– Being outspoken about how parents train children about food
– Why teaching proper eating habits early is important
– What negative feelings children and teens have about food
– How to overcome negative speech about body image from an early age
– How those she coaches treat her like their second mom
– Teaching parents to listen to their athlete children
– Problems teens deal with at tournaments
– Teaching kids how to have good food relationships
– Dealing with depression because of bad situations
– Talking about suicide
– Teaching teens and kids confidence

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