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HER Body™ #66 | Frederick Navarro – PATH of Women and Mothers

In this episode of HER Body™, Alex is joined by fellow Body IO coach and her father, Frederick Navarro.

They sit down to talk about what PATH type Alex is, what types women and especially mothers are and what it means. Alex also examines why it’s usually a husband or boyfriend who will reach out for help for their wife or girlfriend’s diet issues first and why women find it hard to ask for help.

They also discuss how mothers can actually influence their child’s PATH from infancy based on their food choices and body image confidence.

Dr. Frederick Navarro is a professional health researcher with over 20 years of experience in national and international health research, a PhD in health psychology, and an MA in psychological research. After an early career in healthcare marketing research as a manager and director, Dr. Navarro, in partnership with national health plans and hospitals, spent the next decade studying and researching health-related behavior relationships to health, physical activity, health literacy, and conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and affective disorders. The crowning achievement of Dr. Navarro’s research was the development and discovery of the Patterns of Adapting to Health (PATH). Validated by over a quarter-million adult interviews from throughout the U.S., the PATH represent different patterns or trajectories of adaptive health behavior adults unconsciously adopt early in adult life, and which subsequently shape their health, health risks, and demand for health care services through all life stages.

To learn more about Fred’s book, click the following link:

1. Pattern Of Health

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