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HER Body™ on Body IO® FM #01 | Introduction to Women’s Diet and Fitness

In this inaugural episode of HER Body on Body IO FM, get to know Carb Backloading™ & Carb Nite® Experts and hosts Andrea Jengle (AJ) and Alex Navarro.
Alex Navarro and AJ’s experiences, not only with their own fitness and health journey, but with their clients covers a very broad range of experience from show prep to general health.
Adopting the CNS/CBL lifestyle should and can be fun and simple. Your diet shouldn’t stress you out!
End the endless cycles of bulking and leaning out year after year. Expand your knowledge. Listen to your body. What are the patterns in your life? Trusting the diet is important. Trust Yourself. Separate your emotions and embrace the process. Genetics play a part, but neither Alex or AJ are what they would consider to be genetically gifted. Be aware of your genetics and family patterns.
It is their goal to help their listeners understand and listen to their own bodies so they can customize their nutrition and training.

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