This week on the show I have a special guest! She is my friend, client, and someone so amazing, Alex Golodriga! In this episode, we’re talking about all things inner child healing. If you’re a coach, a business owner, or a mom that wants to further and deepen your healing journey then inner child healing and this episode is where it’s at!

Tune in to discover:

The why to Alex’s inner child healing journey How inner child healing has helped her personal + professional growthHow she integrated the healing into her life

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Alex is a retired fitness and bikini professional with a love of food. She has authored 3 cookbooks and published hundreds of recipes on various platforms in the last decade. She’s a wife and conscious parent to a 3-year old, who is her greatest teacher. She currently helps burnt out women gain energy and balance in their day to day through nourishing themselves with proper nutrition, movement and self-care practices. She’s an avid reader, forever learner and novice gardener.

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