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I have been able to connect with myself . . .

Over the last several months I have been able to connect with myself in a way that just was not possible before. I now have set time every week where all I have to do is think about myself and my wellbeing. I have a community of women who support me and an expert to reach out to with questions about nutrition, physical wellbeing, and overall selfcare. I can now see myself as more than a wife, mother, and general caretaker/giver. I am ME! I can now show up more authentically at work and with my friends and family. Joining this program has been one of the best investments of time, energy, and money I have ever made for myself.

I thought this journey was going to be focused on weight loss, changing my eating, and getting more active. It is soooooooooo much more than that. It has truly been an experience to help me get to know myself better and gain the confidence I have been seeking. It has prepared me for the next phase in my life.