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This course was a game changer.

A little over a year ago I started working with Alex managing my nutritional and mental wellness solutions using a carb backloading protocol. When she invited me to join a group of women she was coaching this past summer I was enthusiastic about the opportunity to participate  in any venture Alex was offering but I wasn’t expecting the course to provide anything that I wasn’t already getting during the amazing, integrative and attentive approach Alex took to the time we spent one on one together. Looking back I can’t believe I didn’t know better! Working in the community setting which Alex lovingly cultivated through her course totally changed the game.


Working with Alex has always been a terribly rewarding process. Her coaching  provides me the tools to reach new aesthetic goals and undoubtedly improves both my physical and mental health as well as extraordinary increases to my confidence week over week. My anxiety has gradually dissipated and my nutritional choices have felt not only easy and fun but also offered a true feeling of vitality I have never before experienced; even after a lifetime of eating “healthfully”.


What could a group offer that I wasn’t getting one on one I wondered?


How obvious it seems now: perspective!


Alex facilitated the group through gentle encouragement and deep a vested energy focused on the women’s varying interests, cultivating a strong community between four very different women.


It was through this diverse lens I was able to begin my journey addressing parts of myself that were easy to gloss over when focusing on only my own personal goals and narrative. Through communication with other women, learning their stories, challenges, triumphs and questions my entire perspective was shifted.


Focusing in on areas that I had never before considered, fostered a new sense of curiosity, drive and eagerness for new challenges.


Likewise, offering the other women guidance through the tools I had gained in my previous work with Alex offered me continued confidence and pride in my hard work.


This course was a game changer.


This experience has made me stronger and more patient. 


Most importantly though, this course has helped me to become kinder to myself.